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Derek Conway no ifs no buts

Derek Conway

I’ve just read on BBC News that Derek Conway has paid his son Freddie Conway at a full-time equivalent rate of £25,970 per year for research (also known as money to help him through university) that he never did.

Okay at the moment we have lots of bent MP’s running around in House of Commons and there is next to nothing we can do about it, but what angers me more than anything is he now faces 10 days suspension from the Commons. WHAT, his son gets free money from us and because he was found out his dad gets a 2 week holiday? While at the same time we are subjected to benefit theft adverts 24 / 7 saying if you keep a few hours over time money then you will get a criminal record.

So if we actually do the work, but don’t pay tax on it, it’s a criminal record, but if you pay your son with tax payers money for work he actually DIDNT do it’s a 2 week holiday.

Derek Conway needs to be relieved from his role for Improper use of allowances.