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Pixelblock (aka adult lego) are fucking brilliant, Jo got them for me this Christmas and I’ve not stopped playing with them. They are all 1 size and you can use them to make random 2D or 3D objects from the Idea Playbook, but if you are a retro geek like me you will love making old Sega game characters.

The first item I tried to make was Sonic, but I ran out of blue Pixelblocks so I’ve ordered another box of pixels so I will give that a try again when it turns up next week. Here are some off the ones I have done so far.

I could not finish of Red’s arm, or Sonics face as I ran out of blue blocks, but I will do them again in a week

Here is my Pixel Gallery but also check out this 38,240 block (6 feet tall) minesweeper.