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Cloverfield Review

Cloverfield Screen Shot

I have been waiting for this movie for a year now, ever since I first seen the trailers and posters for a movie that didn’t even have a name. I think J.J. Abrams did a great job of getting the internet buzz going for this movie and must be one of the most talked about movies this year (or even in the past few years)

Well I went to go see it on the first day it came out over in the UK (Friday the 1st February). When I went to go pick up my ticket there was a warning sign for cloverfield saying the movie can cause motion sickness, and as I made my way into the screen I seen 2 or 3 more plastered on the walls..

The movie starts with a Blair witch feel with a notice saying the video you are about to see was found in central park and then the movie starts. The editing was done very well as it shows you two of the main characters in NY and the video keeps cutting and flicking to old footage as if it was a home movie and someone just taped over some old footage.

Then within a few minutes the movie kicks in with the footage of the party we have all seen on the internet this eats up 20 minutes of the movie but I think this is a well needed part as it really sets up the characters for you.

I will warn you that after 20 minutes there is no chance to run to the toilet as it’s a none stop roller coaster ride to the end.

The first glimpse of the “monster” is when it passes between two buildings (again stuff we have all seen on the trailer) but within 5 minutes the people we are following end up in a TV store and they catch the news and we get some see some really great shots of the monster. It doesn’t show everything but there is more than enough to let you feel the share power and size of this thing.

They have done a great job at making a monster we have not seen before, as there has bean so many alien/monster movies now that it’s hard to come up with an original beast.

One of the things I really like about the movie is there is no silly Science guy trying to explain where the creature came from, instead we get a few random comments from the camera guy having a stab in the dark at where this thing could have come from.

There is some great one liners from the camera man and they did well to make him funny, but not too much that you end up laughing and break the well built up fear that this movie sets up
The movie ends in the same way as it starts with no closure or details to say what or how this thing came to light.

All in all this is a MUST see movie and should only been watched on the big screen.


P.S. I love you Review


P.S. I love you is a brilliant romance with a side order of comedy and slight pinch of morbid humor. I’ve been asked by Jo no end to watch this movie and today was the day I got it out of my system. From that start I loved Gerard Butler performance playing Gerry and with him dying within 10 minutes I thought I wouldn’t enjoy any one else’s performance but lucky for me that’s not the last we see of him, he pops up dozens of times as flash backs and day dreams. Another name I want to say was a wonderful performance was Lisa Kudrow playing the part of Holly’s best friend.

The Movie starts off slow with it trying to make us fall in love with Gerry before they kill of the character. I didn’t enjoy the start to much as I’m not a big fan on girls feeling down shutting them self’s away watching old movies in PJ’s, but once the letters start coming the movie picks up and is funny and at some points morbidly funny

The movie is full of scenes that leaves you with a lump at the back of your throat (but as I’m a man, it didn’t affect me, as the only thing that can ever make me cry is the end of Terminator 2 with the thumb part… yes you know it gets you too). At the end of the movie Jo said she was sick if crying all the way though it.

All in all I find this a great romance and it was very refreshing to watch a funny movie that didn’t try to hard to make you laugh which kept it away from the evil genre of Romcom.

For all the girls out there this is a must see, and for the men… just take your loved on and watch how much she will hold on to you that night hoping the same would never happened to them.