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First Friday!

This year (Well last year) I said we wasn’t going out on New Year’s Eve, for the following reasons:

1)You need to get a loan out just to pay the entrance fee to any club/pub
2)I don’t like to pay to be crammed into a pub along with a load of drunk sweating teens
3)Paying 2 or 3 times the amount I would normally on a drink
4)Having to get out a 2nd Loan to pay for a taxi home
5)Then starting the new year with a hang over

While all this time you are spending money to be with the people you love, but you can’t at all talk to them as its far too loud, and I know once Jo reads this post she is going to tell me to stop being an old man and get my slippers and pipe out, but none the less I think new years eve is a rip off.

So back to on track with the reason for the post… as we spent the night drinking at home we decided to go out drinking last night, and what a great night out. As it’s the first Friday of 2008 every one is skint from the big blow out or they are trying to stick to the new year’s Resolution cutting down on the amount they drink (and for all the people that have stuck to it for a week will reward them self’s with a night on the tiles next week).

So because of this I had the town to myself, there was not 1 queue at the bar, there was a hand full of people in the pubs so it wasn’t a ghost town, but it also wasn’t packed and at the end of the night it took me all of 5 seconds to flag a taxi down.

Now that I know of this special day I will be giving NYE (Its how the cool kids say it) a miss and going out on the following Friday AND YOU SHOULD TO!!!