Dungeon Keeper

Thanks to now owning a rapidshare account I’ve been playing some of the latest games out. I’ve pissed all over crysis had a great time killing everything on Medal of Honor and I’ve had a dabble in Call of Duty 4, but I’ve not be played many RTS games in a long time, and I think that’s because they are far too hard. When I play a FPS I love it to be hard and push me as far as I can go, but in the RTS world I loved to beat the hell out of the computer so bad that it packs up its CPU and books a holiday to the Silicon Valley. Don’t ask me why but I like RTS to be easy and that got me thinking about the greatest RTS ever made and no it’s not a C&C but Dungeon Keeper 1, I got this free with my windows 98 PC back in the 90’s and loved playing it. I then Sold it to a friend and brought Dungeon Keeper 2 but still have a love for the old pixelated original.

I must have played this game about 10 times over as many years but this is the first time I’ve tried to play it on my new Vista machine and can’t get it to install (I think my new pc knows of the ass kicking it be getting if it would let me install it).
So I’ve had to download the latest version of Microsoft Virtual PC and load a copy of Windows XP, as I write this blog it is being installed but it looks like its hanging at Installing Devices, but if that fails I will go with a retro Windows 98 install.

So Fingers Crossed I will be running around the dark Dungeons of this great classic by tonight.

Also if you have not played this game then DO SO, you can pick it up for a few pounds or download it within 10 mins from your local download forum.


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